My Portfolio for Rutgers

So I’m trying to decide what to bring.
I know it seems like a lot but they ask you to bring everything to this one-on-one Rutgers conference I’m going to on Saturday. I’ve included some older stuff that I like but- I’m not sure if I should…. (I’m sort of attached to that Barkbelly, the wooden boy- but it’s pretty old now)

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5 Responses to My Portfolio for Rutgers

  1. Ginger*:) says:

    I think the wooden boy should definitely make the trip along with some of your Paris scenes….and the three friends for sure.
    I graduated from Rutgers and was so sad to see that several of my favorite teachers have passed away. Of course they were older when I went to school, but people with that kind of talent should be allowed to live forever.

    Let us know how the event goes for you. All the best!

  2. Christina Ann Rodriguez says:

    This looks great!!! I usually bring about 15….if you have any doubt about one piece than don't bring it… i like the one you did 2 conferences ago it was a quincianera piece i think… Good Luck …your gonna kick some butt with this killer portfolio Penny!!!

  3. Penny says:

    Thank you guys! Christina- that Quincinera piece had some flaws- the people in the background were pretty off so it never made it to my portfolio but I liked it too!
    And Ginger- it must have been fabulous to attend Rutgers. Do you know anyone going to this conference this weekend?

  4. translucentblue says:

    Wow, I just LOVE your work…They're so alive!

  5. Michelle Henninger says:

    Good Luck Penny (And I'd keep the wooden boy, he's wonderfully done!)